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Svenska Sushiköket – Stockholms bästa sushi!

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Svenska Sushiköket – Stockholms bästa sushi!

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In the same building as the Elite Hotel Plaza you’ll find Tako, a unique and newly opened restaurant run by some of Stockholm’s best chefs.

Together they’ve taken over a former night club where the goal is to create a more luxurious and beautiful atmosphere that invites you to a lovely meeting of the Korean and Japanese cuisine.

The large venue provides many seating options and where the guest enjoys good quality food, all influenced by the Asian culture.

Around the sushi kitchen the guests are able to sit and watch the sushi chefs’ expertise and finesse up close as they prepare the food.

The main idea of ​​Tako (Japanese for octopus or dragon) is to make the guests get feel a little bit like they’re in "Alice in Wonderland", where the chefs ambition is to create not just a unique restaurant but also a new world of flavor combinations and connection to all our senses.

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Här är misosoppan extra god, krabbröran extra len, glazerna extra goda och sushin alltid extra snygg.

Uteserveringens fåtöljer gör att man vill sitta kvar hela dagen.

Och råvarorna och servicen gör att man gärna går dit nästa dag igen!

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