Tyge & Sessil

Vincafé med fokus på naturligt vin

Tyge & Sessil – Vincafé med fokus på naturliga viner.

Våra vinerVinerna är vårt fokus på Tyge Sessil.

Vi tar avstamp i vin från små producenter som arbetar så nära naturen som möjligt, gärna från underrepresenterade områden runt om i världen och gjort på druvor vi inte visste fanns.

Vissa finns det mycket av, andra är helt unika.

Vi vill sprida drickglädje och upptäckarlust.

Vi rekommenderar även ett besök på starwinelist.com för att se vad som finns att upptäcka i vinstockholm!


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Tyge Nelson – Pajarito | Tim McKee – Parasole Restaurant Holdings ...

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Hit Heyday on Lyndale Avenue South, and you’ve scored 2015 Food & Wine Best New Chef Award-winner Jim Christiansen, who started as an intern at McKee’s La Belle Vie when it was in Stillwater.

Locate the home of Jamie Malone and Erik Andersen and you hit a bullseye with two Food and Wine award-winning chefs who worked with McKee in a variety of venues before branching out to open their own restaurant, Brut (as soon as the perfect spot is located).

There’s more, but you’d run out of darts before tagging all the talented chefs who worked with McKee and then went on to either open their own restaurant or take the top job at highly acclaimed restaurants.

Nelson, who started as an intern at La Belle Vie, went on to work with McKee at Parasole, most recently redoing the menu at Chino Latino.

Securing an internship at La Belle Vie fresh out of culinary school was a boon for someone like Nelson, who didn’t want to work at a place where opening bags was considered cooking.

St. Paul's Pajarito takes a fresh approach to Mexican food ...

Review analysis
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The restaurant, a partnership between chefs Stephan Hesse and Tyge Nelson, scrupulously avoids the lazy Tex-Mex clichés that bog down so many other, lesser Minnesota Mexican restaurants.

Hesse and Nelson skillfully use it to infuse smoky flavor into items up and down their menu.

It’s just one of many efforts that Nelson and Hesse use to announce that they take a highly serious approach to tacos.

The fall-apart tender meat is eventually shredded, and when it’s ordered, the pork is crisped — and tantalizingly caramelized — on the flat-top grill, then stuffed into tortillas with creamy avocado and a pop of serrano chile.

Oh, don’t miss the smoky chicken tinga taco, the flavorful thigh meat stewed with tomatoes, oregano, garlic and chipotle peppers, then cooled with queso fresco cheese.

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The Barn at Tyge William Cellars - Venue - Sonoma, CA ...

Review analysis

My wife and I were one of the first couples to be married at The Barn which is a brand new venue in Sonoma.

The Barn is owned and operated by Ramekins which is a culinary school near Sonoma square.

When we first heard about The Barn it wasn't even built yet - the whole space was a mound of dirt.

There's really no other space like this in Sonoma.

Please keep in mind, if you choose The Barn, you must go with Ramekins as your caterer but luckily Ramekins is one of the best caterers in Sonoma so you don't need to worry about food quality.