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Här äter du klassiska, vällagade franska rätter eller något nytt spännande som precis landat på menyn. Här finns genuin omtanke om mat och gäster.

Fransk kvarterskrog på Östermalm - Brasserie Bobonne

På Brasserie Bobonne presenteras menyn på en krittavla, jämt fördelat över förrätter, varmrätter och desserter.

Från klassisk fransk husmanskost till franskinspirerade rätter baserade på säsongens finaste råvaror.

Varannan onsdag byter vi ut stora delar av menyn, allt för att alltid kunna ha de bästa råvarorna och kunna bjuda på variation.

Läs hur våra menyer ser ut nu:


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The Stockholm Tourist: Restaurant Brasserie Bobonne

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Since it was my choice and I like trying new restaurants, I booked a table at a restaurant that I had heard good things about... Brasserie Bobonne.

Bobonne, as the name suggests, is a French restaurant and the menu was filled with classic French dishes and flavors.

And just like a French brasserie, the menu is on a chalkboard which the waiter brings to the table.

There are many classic French dishes on the menu that most diners will recognize, like boeuf bourguignon, chèvre chaud, escargot and crème brûlée.

I opted for the more classic dishes... starting with the escargot, then the boeuf bourguignon, finally ending with an apple sorbet.

Great Michelin Eats For The Budget Conscious | Your Living City

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With a philosophy of serving quality food without flourish, diners sit at the counter to watch the chefs in close-up action in the completely open kitchen for both lunch and dinner in a contemporary setting designed by famous Swedish artists.

With period floor tiles and comfy chairs, this sweet little two-roomed homely restaurant’s open-plan kitchen fills the place with pleasant aromas of classic French-style French dishes like Moules Marinière, Boeuf Bourguignon and Chèvre Chaud, along with French-inspired tasty well-balanced modern food crafted from fresh ingredients and the odd Swedish influence.

Together with something new always landing on the menu or listed on the blackboard, lunch and dinners at this intimate and inviting neighbourhood restaurant in Östermalm gets a thoroughly deserved listing in the White Guide as well; making bookings absolutely necessary.

Hearty high quality classic Swedish home cooked dishes, including sweet and sour herring along with fish roe, ensure all who partake the well-loved national gastronomically pure mind-expanding experience: its chefs guarantee good ingredients with an equally good touch and a lot of passion take precedence over new thinking and technology in serving great tasting food.

Dishing out creative tasty cooking that blends Swedish ingredients with Korean influences – from vintages that capture your palate to inspirational street food; it happily serves you a dinner feast of suckling pig if you book three days ahead.

Brasserie Bobonne: Fransk kvarterskrog på Östermalm

A French neighbourhood restaurant in Östermalm - Brasserie ...

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At Brasserie Bobonne, the menu is presented on a blackboard, and is evenly split between starters, mains and desserts – from classical French staples to French-inspired dishes based on the finest seasonal ingredients.

Every other Wednesday we change large parts of the menu so that we know that we always have the best ingredients, and offer a little variety.

See how our menus look right now:

Brasserie Bobonne – Restaurant – Östermalm, Stockholm – Thatsup

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Show original » A wonderful neighborhood restaurant that delivers the best of French cuisine!

Have mainly eaten their Boeuf bourguignon many times and they make one of the town's best.

A wonderful neighborhood restaurant that delivers the best of French cuisine!

Have mainly eaten their Boeuf bourguignon many times and they make one of the town's best.

Lovely, too, that they have good selection of re... Show full »