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Jamie's Italian, Stureplan - So far so Sabine

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I hope you like Italian food, because I will show you Jamie’s Italian Restaurant in Stockholm today.

I took the Penne Pomodoro – 165 SEK – Sweet tomato sauce with garlic, basil, mascarpone, mozzarella, Bella Lodi & herby breadcrumbs.

Mache took the Penne Carbonara – 175 SEK – Crispy chunks of smoked pancetta, sweet buttery leeks, lemon & a creamy carbonara sauce.

Debora chose Jamie’s Ceasar Salad – 165 SEK – Crispy romaine & red chicory with crunchy croutons, shaved cauliflower, garlic yoghurt dressing, Bella Lodi, red onion, toasted hazelnuts, chervil & sweet basil.

Do you have a favorite Italian Restaurant and have you ever been to a Jamie’s Italian Restaurant?


Touch of Bengal - shanti

Ever since Shanti at Katarina Bangata opened its doors 13 years ago, we have focused on giving our guests an authentic Indian dining experience.

Something that few, however, know is that 90 percent of all Indian restaurants are owned by Bengalis.

Few dare to say they run a Bengali restaurant.

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In the past few decades, Asian influence – Japan in particular – on Swedish food culture is also very noticeable, with sushi being served in restaurants across the country.

Restaurants in Stockholm serve husmanskost with their own range of traditional dishes like meatballs served with gravy, mashed potatoes, and berries, raggmunk (potato pancakes served with bacon), wallenberger (veal patties served with mashed potatoes), pyttipanna (pan fried sausages, onions, and potatoes served with fried eggs), stekt strömming (pan fried herring), gravad lax (cured salmon served with potatoes and dill sauce), and pannkakor och ärtsoppa (pancakes and pea soup).

Stockholm offers you a whole range of options in terms of eating – right from fine dining places to back pocket restaurants, traditional restaurants, fusion food places, and street food trucks.

The fine dining places are usually Michelin star restaurants that serve food cooked with ecological seafood, organic vegetables, wild mushrooms, and seasonal fruits.

The Asian influence on Swedish food culture has resulted in a number of fusion restaurants all over the country, including the city of Stockholm.

Hermans Fjällgatan 23B, 08-6439480, vegetarisk & vegansk ...

Dear guest Welcome to Hermans Vegetarian Restaurant and Garden Café.

A green oasis located on a hill with a garden overviewing the city of Stockholm.

Here you can enjoy an all you can eat vegetarian…

Indian Street Food & Co. – some of the best Indian Food in ...

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But all was not lost… as we retraced our steps it wasn’t long before we were being lured by fresh aromas of spice and Indian Street Food.

And on a cold January day, the promise of fresh Indian Street Food seemed like an opportunity not to be missed… For us, coming to Sweden from the UK (where Tikka Masala has been heralded as a national dish) finding good Indian food has always been a quest for us since living in Stockholm.

While the restaurant Indian Street Food & Co. only opened in March 2016 – the name may sound familiar as their delicious street food really has lived up to its name – being served up from their food truck out on the streets of Stockholm since 2014.

Lunch at Indian Street Food & Co.‘s restaurant did not disappoint – we ordered one of their roadside curries – consisting of the day’s dal, chicken curry, lamb curry, salad, rice and raita dip.

Indian Street Food and Co. – we’ll be back for sure!